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Zitronengras 24071
Lemongrass Sliced
Ingredients: Lemongrass*. *certified organic
Speafmint 24086
Spearmint sliced
Ingredients: Spearmint leaves*. *certified organic
Pfefferminze 24004
Peppermint Tea
Ingredients: Peppermint leaves* (100%). *certified organic
Ingwer 24063
Ginger sliced
Ingredients: Ginger*. *certified organic
Zitronenschalen Geschnitter 24094
Lemon peels sliced
Ingredients: Lemon peels*. *certified organic
Hibiskusblüte 24045
Hibiscus blossoms
Ingredients: Hibiscus blossoms*. *certified organic
Himbeerblätter 24046
Raspberry leaves
Ingredients: Raspberry leaves*. *certified organic
Cistuskoaut 24048
Cistus Herb
Ingredients: Cistus Herb*. *certified organic
Hagebuttentee 24049
Rosehip peel
Ingredients: Rosehip peel*. *certified organic
Apfelstücke 24057
Apple pieces sliced
Ingredients: apple pieces*. *certified organic
Brombeerblätter 24064
Blackberry leaves sliced
Ingredients: Blackberry leaves*. *certified organic
Lavendelblüten 24070
Lavender blossoms whole
Ingredients: Lavender blossoms*. *certified organic
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