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Fastentee 24098
Fasting Tea
Ingredients: mate* (Brazil), milk thistle seeds*, coriander*, nettle leaves*, green tea Sencha* (China), lemon balm leaves*, spearmint leaves*, lemon verbena*, rosmary*, lavender blossoms*, mint oil*. *certified organic
Ananas Kokos 23018
Pineapple Coconut, natural
Ingredients: apple pieces, coconut flakes (32,4%), natural flavouring, pineapple pieces (3%), hibiscus blossoms, marigold blossoms.
Naturliche Abwehr 24019
Natural Protection
Ingredients: blackcurrants*, hibiscus blossoms*, liquorice root*, lemongrass*, peppermint leaves*. *certified organic
Sunrise 24036
Ingredients: blackberry leaves, lemongrass, orange peel, lemon peel, natural flavouring, marigold blossoms, stevia leaves.
Rhababer Erdbeer
Rhubarb Strawberry
Ingredients: black tea mixture* (China), black tea Assam* (India), rosehip peel*, hibicus blossoms*, natural rhubarb flavouring, lemongrass*, black tea Ceylon* (Sri Lanka), NATURAL CREAM FLAVOUR, strawberry pieces* (0,9%), rhubarb...
Fendrel Lnis Kimmel 24002
Fennel Anise Caraway
Ingredients: fennel* (60%), anise* (20%), caraway* (20%). *certified organic
Mango Exotik 20024
Mango Exotic, natural
Ingredients: green tea Sencha (China), coconut flakes, green tea Chun Mee (China), natural flavouring, date pieces (date, rice flour), mango pieces (mango, rice flour) (1,5%), marigold blossoms.
Kirsche Rum 22018
Cherry Rum, natural
Ingredients: rooibos (South Africa), grapes 99,5% (releasing agent: 0,5% sunflower oil), sour cherries (6%), natural flavouring, hibiscus blossoms.
Sclioko Vanille 22064
Chocolate Vanilla
Ingredients: rooibos* (South Africa), carob*, date pieces* (date*, rice flour*), cocoa nibs*, natural bourbon-vanilla flavour, honeybush* (South Africa), cocoa powder*, tonka bean*, stevia leaves*, marigold blossoms*. *certified organic
Himbeer Vanille Kokos 23061
Raspberry Vanilla Coconut
Ingredients: apple pieces*, coconut flakes* (24,9%), date pieces* (date*, rice flour*), rosehip peel*, natural raspberry flavouring, orange peel*, lemongrass*, natural bourbon-vanilla flavouring, tonka bean*, raspberry pieces* (0,8%),...
Kakao 22054
Ingredients: rooibos* (South Africa), carob*, natural cocoa-bitteralmond flavouring, cocoa nibs* (2%). *certified organic
Hanf Erdbeer 24054
Hemp Strawberry
Ingredients: Hemp leaves* (49,8%), fennel*, lemongrass*, lemon balm leaves*, natural strawberry flavouring, stevia leaves*, strawberry pieces* (1%). *certified organic The leaves used from the edible hemp (Cannabis Futura) comply with...
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