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Turkischer Apfel Bananas 23020
Turkish Apple Pineapple
Ingredients: Apple pieces* (69%), pineapple pieces* (pineapple*, rice flour*) (12%), rosehip peel*, natural flavouring. *certified organic
Kindertee 23034
Children's Tea
Ingredients: apple pieces, apricot pieces (apricot, rice flour), carrot pieces, cinnamon, natural flavouring, hibiscus blossoms, strawberry pieces, buckwheat, marigold blossoms.
Orange Minze 23041
Orange - Mint
Ingredients: Apple pieces*, lemon grass*, spearmint leaves*, orange peels*, orange oil*, hibiscus blossoms*, marigold blossoms*. *certified organic
Orange Tfirsich 23014
Orange Peach
Ingredients: apple pieces, blackberry leaves, orange peel (11,1%), hibiscus blossoms, liquorice root, natural flavouring, peach pieces (peach, rice flour) (4,6%).
Himbeer Mint 23027
Raspberry Mint
Ingredients: Apple pieces, spearmint leaves (7,3%), elderberries, blackberry leaves, natural flavouring, hibiscus blossoms, liquorice root, raspberry pieces (2%).
Soperfood 23029
Ingredients: Apple pieces*, lemongrass*, lemon peel*, acai berries* (69,8% acai fruit powder*, maltodextrine*, acidifier citric acid, antioxidant ascorbic acid), goji berries*, natural flavouring, rose petals*. *certified organic
Erdbeer Vanille 23005
Strawberry Vanilla
Ingredients: Apple pieces*, blackberry leaves*, natural flavouring, hibiscus flowers*, beetroot*, strawberry pieces* (3%), vanilla pieces* (1%). *certified organic
Blutorange Zitrone Minze 23060
Blood Orange Lemon Mint
Ingredients: apple pieces*, lemongrass*, hibiscus blossoms*, spearmint leaves*, orange peel*, lemon oil*, natural blood orange flavour, blood orange pieces*, lemon peel*, marigold blossoms*, mint oil. *certified organic
Waldfrucht 23012
Ingredients: apple pieces*, rosehip peels*, beetroot*, blackberry leaves*, elderberries*, natural flavouring, hibiscus blossoms*, strawberry pieces*, cherry pieces*, raspberries*. *certified organic
Himbeer Mint 23027
Raspberry Mint
Ingredients: Apple pieces*, curled leaves* (7%), elderberries*, blackberry leaves*, natural flavouring, hibiscus*, liquorice root*, raspberries* (3%). *certified organic
Kokos Vanille 23042
Coconut - Vanilla
Ingredients: Apple pieces*, coconut flakes* (22%), blackberry leaves*, natural boubon-vanilla flavour, hibiscus blossoms*, natural coconut flavour, vanilla pieces* (0.1%). *certified organic
Erdbeer 23028
Ingredients: apple pieces, blackberry leaves, natural flavouring, hibiscus blossoms, beetroot, strawberry pieces (2,5%), rose petals, stevia leaves.
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